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Blue Collar Bulldogs is a small kennel that raises Renascence Bulldogges.
We are located in a western suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Blue Collar
Bulldogs consist of Nathan and Brianna. Our dogs share their home with
us. They are not kennel dogs and do not live their lives on a chain.

Why the name Blue Collar Bulldogs? The blue collar worker is the working
class that performs manual labor. Just like blue collar workers, our bulldogs
also wear the blue collar. They love to
weight pull, perform bite work,
workout on the
springpole, run, swim, and play ball.

Here at Blue Collar Bulldogs, we work strictly with Chadde Jolicoeur of
Gargoyle Kennels. With our breedings, we focus on maintaining the RB
consistency of health, athleticism and temperament. We enjoy being part
of the renascence bulldogge community. We are grateful to our friend,
Chadde --the creator of renascence bulldogge --
for all of his  guidance, support and trust. He has brought this amazing
breed to an incredible standard.

Thank you!!
Nate & Brianna

Blue Collar Bulldogs breeds Renascence Bulldogges.  The name
"Renascence" (not to be confused with the word "Renaissance") means
"rebirth". This name is fitting we believe because our Renascence
Bulldogges are supposed to be a recreation or rebirth of the larger more
physically functional athletic Bulldogge that existed from
about 1820-1900.

The RBKC was started due to the frustration of the total lack of uniformity
and consistency between the modern alternative bulldogge recreations
currently being produced and labeled under the "catch all" Olde English
Bulldogge. Dogs being labeled under this catch all term can range from the
original Leavitt OEB's to that of a large longer muzzled mastiff type
dog to that of a bigger version of the modern EB to combinations of every
thing in between.

Because of the vast physical and health differences between the dogs
being labeled under this catch all term and the confusion it creates, a
dedicated group of breeders with established bloodlines who's breeding
program's were all aimed at producing the same style Bulldogge to be the
core breeding foundation of the RB breed was assembled. This group
devised a
standard and a registry to help promote, maintain and improve
the athletic functional bulldogges they were creating